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September and October in Shenyang

Dear Friends,
Well, another couple of very busy months are just about done.  September was largely devoted to getting our three boys back to school.  Actually, LiangLiang and LuPing just continued as usual BUT, Sam (DaPing, or YongEn) entered his new private school since he completed Middle School last June.  We have high expectations for him at this new school where they seem to value his presence highly and are well along with the accommodations that will insure his physical ease.  One aspect that makes life a little complicated for him and his caretaker family is that he is expected to return “home” from school every Friday and the reverse every Sunday.  So far it is working out ok but it will get more difficult once winter sets in.  BTW, it’s feeling like it is eminent, winter, that is!  Remember that the heat is not turned on all over Shenyang until Nov. 1!
The first week of October is celebrated all over China as the Birthday of Modern China as on October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao declared it so.  Since there is almost some special food associated with any Chinese holiday, this occasion is no different.  It is the very delicious Moon Cake that is found everywhere in many different forms (even sugar free for the likes of diabetics like me!).  Our very thoughtful friends at Bombardier called to see if they could deliver chocolate covered ice cream moon cakes for the children at the orphanage as well as our three boys that live with a caregiver family in an apartment near us!  It didn’t take much deliberating to come up with a grateful “YES”.  I believe that has to be one of the BEST treats ever for all that could indulge!
Our Wednesday group decided to have a “pitch in” to celebrate the occasion and invited a few of the mutual friends that can only come on these special times.  This included Cindy’s family and at the last minute, the family from the “night market” along with the biggest surprise, Lacey, their daughter from Dalian where she is working and has very little time to come visit!  Of course, the three boys were there as well as a Korean couple that had just moved to Shenyang.
Elaine has been asked to undertake a new job, that of facilitating an English Corner for middle school and older Chinese students that are destined to travel to Tulsa to attend Victory Christian School or other schools in the area after high school.  Because of the holidays, it has only met three times on Fridays from 6-8pm.  The students are delightful BUT they are not the most willing of speakers so this is proving stressful to Elaine.  She would welcome any good discussion topics!  At the same time, she has been a little puny, probably because of the changing weather.  Actually, she had some form of flu for about a week during which she begged off from the class.  She is still a little weak but improving every day, PTL! 
As always, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your financial and prayful support.  Especially during this season of school bills, some hefty, we fully realize that we could in no way do this without your help.  Please be aware that your contributions are making quality lives possible for the orphans in our care.  Also know that the eternal destination of many Chinese and others is being determined in your name because we are here thanks to your giving and prayers!

Migyeong and Elaine

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