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About Dream Home

Dream Home is located in ShenYang , Liaoning Province, China. We are able to minister to Chinese orphans through our cooperation with the local government orphanage at the ShenYang Social Welfare Institute. The SWI provides Dream Home with building space and up to 45 orphans along with their food. The rest of the orphan’s needs, including their clothes, shoes, all daily supplies as well as the salaries of our staff (two teachers, numerous care givers and a driver) are provided by contributions made to Dream Home.

Three populations are currently being served at Dream Home. The first is two physically handicapped intelligent boys who are ambulatory. They are progressing in public school while living with a foster family and we hope to see them through college or a trade school some day.

The second population is our “youth”: orphans from 14 years of age on up with the oldest being in his thirties. Most are minimally mentally retarded but ambulatory. Three are in wheelchairs because of cerebral palsy or, in one case, rheumatoid arthritis. Several are deaf. They are progressing through the efforts of their two teachers and others such as visiting teams and therapists. Through the use of activities in and out of the orphanage and various outings to venues around the province, they are becoming comfortable with their place in Chinese society and acquiring some of the skills and interests that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

The last population is made up of small children from eight months to 14 fourteen years of age, most with multiple handicaps such as cerebral palsy, autism, blindness, deafness, seizure disorders, spina bifida, hydrochepalus, club feet and other conditions that might not even have a name! In this population, it is often our first goal just to keep them alive through innovative nutrition and careful monitoring and then after they are stabilized, move into therapy mode to improve their mobility. This is the population that benefits most from visits from professional therapists.

Though these children were abandoned by their parents, they are chosen by Dream Home. In an effort to improve their state in life, Dream Home provides special education and seeks to meet their social and emotional as well as physical needs. Migyeong Kang, Director of Dream Home and Elaine Hennessy, Assistant Director, have helped handicapped orphans since 1999. They started Dream Home in October of 2004. The future hope of Dream Home is to have its own facility some day so the orphans can raise plants, vegetables and animals as well as learn the job and life skills necessary to assume their position in society. It is most people’s desire to be able to take care of their own needs and be thought of as useful members of society by being able to contribute to the greater good. That is also our dream for our kids.

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Dream Home Introduction 

We,  Migyeong Kang from South Korea, a social worker, and Elaine Hennessy from the USA, are able to work within the Shenyang Welfare Institution because of the work Migyeong has done there since 1999.   The orphanage provides the living space and 3 meals for the orphans and we provide the rest of their needs including their clothes, all supplies (i.e. diapers, snacks, clothes washing detergent, education bill, etc.) as well as the salaries of our 15 member staff which includes 15 care givers and a massage therapist as well as a special caregiver for the three school boys that live in an apartment, also paid for by us, near our apartment in the city.
There are currently 34 disabled  little kids and four disabled students at the Dream Home.
The handicaps represented include cerebral palsy, mental retardation,  autism, blindness, Spinal bifida, deafness, Down syndrome, hyperactivity and several suffer from seizures.   They range in age from a little over a year to 18 years of age.
Four  handicapped boys live near us and are in university , high school and primary  school now. We rented an Apartment for them and hired a family who is living with them.   One of high students is using a wheelchair and has to climb stairs to get his second floor class room every day. He really is overcoming his suffering to see his future someday. We are paying for their education bill and anything they need.  Once they complete their university  they will be responsible for the expenses incurred there.
ZhiLei who is the first grade in the primary  school  was born with a brittle bone. He is a super smart and  doing very well in the class.
We are very grateful for the opportunity to love these Chinese children and help them grow physically, mentally and spiritually.    We believe that the rewards for helping those who are less fortunate than us are great, not the least being the development of a sense of thankfulness and awe for the blessings God has given us.  It’s easy to forget our aches and pains (or our age, in my case, Elaine speaking) when we are helping a child that will never walk and, in some cases, might not even survive to adulthood.  Every day counts with these kids.  Their future is brighter with every kind visitor that shows them that they are special and worthy of love.          

March 29th, 2015