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September 30, 2012

Dear Friends,

Because of Migyeong’s need to rest and recuperate, and my similar need, this last month has been mostly not necessarily exciting. We’ve stayed close to home most of the time with the few trips to the orphanage being occasions of thankfulness that the kids are doing well without the daily ministrations of their “Mama” even though they obviously miss her terribly! I believe that this is a testimony to the professionalism of our caregivers and Li Laoshi’s leadership of them but mainly the Goodness of our God who has been known to watch over orphans!

Most of Migyeong’s trips out to the orphanage have involved either private cars, taxis or occasionally our van with me driving. Recently, the other major road has reopened so that has reduced the traffic considerable from in front of the orphanage! Thought I would include a pic of what Holland Village looks like these days because it is so dramatic from what it used to look like! I estimate that they are in the process of building 128 plus buildings each 36 floors with no telling how many rooms on each floor! I don’t know if they are primarily apartment buildings or business buildings but I suspect the former! Really amazing sight to see and contemplate! “Only in China!”.

We have only made it out to the night market several times, too. Thought I would include a couple of interesting pics to show you all a little of what we have to choose from! I passed on the chicken heads, of course! The veggies and fruit are really spectacular and super fresh, though!

Even though WE have stayed in, our faithful Wednesday group has been coming and also our boys at least once a week. We feel like both of us still need to refrain from too much activity for the time being and ask for your prayers for wisdom in that regard. The weather is cooling off and will probably get REALLY cool in October if it follows the trend of previous Octobers here. Certainly, by November 1 when the heat is turned on all over the city, we will be more than ready to welcome it!

I hope you enjoy the photos and forgive that this newsletter is a little lacking. I look forward to hearing from at least SOME of you and hope that ALL of you know that we love and value you and couldn’t even think of doing this work without your support!

Migyeong and Elaine

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