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June 27th, 2011

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for being with us continually. Your prayers make such a tremendous difference and give us encouragement. Maybe it was due to your prayers that It has been raining a lot in June! It was nice to feel a little cool!

On May 15th, finally, Jiahao’s family came to China to get him. The first day when Jiahao met his parents he took his family photo album with him and pointed to his Mom and Daddy through the pictures. He knew who they were! Now, he is living with his brother and they have become best friends. He has already been to a swimming pool with his Grammy and the whole family who loves him so much. But, now we have a problem: ZhiLei has lost his best friend and has asked me (Migyeong) to seriously find American parents for him. Please, keep praying with us to find the exact right family for ZhiLei!!

About WenXi, he is doing very well in the Kindergarten school in Kansas. Leann and her family really care about him and love him so much. We are so blessed to know these precious folks.

June 1st is Children’s Day here. Though most of our kids don’t understand well what’s going on, we gave them each special clothes and celebrated with the Music School students. The students hugged not only our kids but the caregivers after their performance. Our caregivers had tears of joy because of their lovely heart. A week after Children’s Day, the International Ladies’ group came to present a Puppet show to bless our kids for children’s day. YuanNa is our youngest one and now we can see her smiling. It is one of our goals to get every kid to smile after we get them for the first time. Most kids didn’t smile for a long time after we got them. YuanXing is two and a half years old and hasn’t smiled yet! We hope that he can smile soon.

Our long friendship with Bombardier company here resulted in another visit in May. Though it was little bit windy they took our kids outside and let them enjoy the breeze. Out of 24 kids only 7 kids can walk, so it is not easy for us to take the kids out without volunteers. It is a special treat for our kids when they get to go out. We were told that they raised funds for our kids and our three school boys. Liang Liang and LuPing just took their exams for entrance into high school or trade school for three days and they will graduate from their Junior high school soon. So, the raised funds will be used to pay their tuition bill and also to buy bike truck for YongEn who is confined to a wheelchair when he goes to school because of his disability. It is not easy to use a wheel chair when the road is not smooth so it will be such a blessing for YongEn to have a bike truck to use instead. We can’t wait to see him using his bike truck! Everyone who joined to raise funds for our orphans: “Thanks so much from our heart”.

Tom Li who has had surgery and chemo therapy for his Cancer is doing well and now he can join his classmates in Tulsa during school time. It is exciting to see his progress. His Mom, CaoJin, is still in Tulsa to take care of him and her husband is so impressed by Christians’ love and has encouraged CaoJin by phone to serve God through her life. Please, continually pray for Tom’s complete healing.

Cindy Zhang has been really sick and discouraged, sometimes by pain. She said that she is not afraid of dying but the pain is too hard to bear. Last May, she received Baptism and she has never lost her faith. In fact, it is getting stronger and stronger! She has finished reading the NT and she is reading OT now. She also likes to listen to Gospel songs every moment with her family. Elaine’s Pastor in Texas has called her several times to encourage her. Please, continue to lift her up to our Father.

Elaine is finally back and everyone is happy to see her.

Love, Migyeong and Elaine

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