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April 28, 2010

Dear Folks,

   I didn’t think that things could get any busier!  Boy, was I wrong!  This has been a very “crowded” time as Teddy Roosevelt would term it!

   The first event that seemed to assume a life of its own was my 70th birthday.  I have a friend that insists on celebrating for at least a week and it seems as if I followed in her footsteps this time.  Of course, it didn’t help that all of my “friends” were spreading the news of my impending “old age”!  I got many congratulatory emails, some from folks that I don’t even know!  All were appreciated and some even answered!  Then there were the parties: a huge surprise dinner held at a Korean restaurant where all of my Korean friends and some of my American and Belfast friends joined in, complete with GIFTS!  I was completely flabbergasted!   Later, on THE day, my friends from the night market took me and Migyeong out to a scrumptious dinner at a restaurant after a small celebration in our former apartment.

   The next event was moving from our old apartment to a new one in the same building where the three school boys live, making visiting in all kinds of weather much easier!  Because the whole building is user friendly for wheel chair access, it is a better place for us long term in contrast to our old place that had four steps BEFORE it reached the elevator!  This new one has only one small step and we’ve added a ramp for that one!

We’ve gotten moved in almost completely now and even had an inauguration dinner to celebrate our move with the three boys, Wu teacher, our friends from the night market and our three new lady friends in attendance!

     Isn’t it cool how the Big Guy orchestrates everything to work for good for those that love Him and are called?  The weather, which has remained very chilly (especially since the heat was turned off April 1!), had gotten a little warmer one day so I took advantage of that to go visit my buddies in the market and check on their two new kitties which had grown a lot since I had seen them right after they were born.  While I was there, my foreign face, as it often does, drew curious stares and questions about who I might be standing behind the sunflower seeds and such that were for sale.  One lady decided to talk to me after being introduced by my friend.  She turned out to be a professor at a Chemical University in the city.  While we were talking, I noticed a little old guy sneak up and, using chopsticks, deftly pick her pocket of the money she had carelessly jammed there!  I told her about it right away and, like David of old, she turned around and retrieved the sheep, pardon me, the money, right out of his grasp!  A few days later, this lady and two of her friends came to visit the boys, have since visited the little kids at the orphanage and have become fast friends!  One has asked if she and her daughter can go with us to the Sunday Chinese service together!  I think that can be arranged!

   The three school boys are continuing to enjoy living in the city.  They are being tutored by university students several times a week so that is a big help as that way, they stand a good chance of understanding their homework.  Wu teacher has turned into an all round helper to us as well as the boys.  I don’t know how we could have moved without his help and he continues to be very handy to have around.  Actually, all of our Chinese friends are eager to help us with suggestions and actual hands-on help whenever we need it.  We are truly blessed by them.  In addition to practical help, Wu is somewhat of a musician and sometimes plays his guitar while DaPing (YongEn, his REAL name) plays his ocarina.  I am looking forward to nice, warm weather so that I can introduce the boys to the night market and select pet stores in the area that let me pet their animals! 

   Among the visitors to the three boys, one of the most fun groups was made up of some of the staff of BMW who came over to cook dinner with and for them!  LuPing, for one, helped with slicing some ingredients!  An obviously good time was had by all.  I should mention that LiangLiang, being the most mobile of the three is the courier between the two apartments at the moment.  He’s like the neighbor who comes to borrow a cupful of sugar!  It is neat to be living that close to them.

   Our little kids at the orphanage have not been left out when it comes to visitors.  Our friends at the US Consulate are very faithful to come and bring others along with them!  Last Saturday, five folks came and they and the kids had a great time!   I’ve already mentioned our new three lady friends that have visited there.  There have also been several groups from among the local universities and other schools, too.   It is wonderful to see them interact with the little kids and not only the smart ones like WenXi, ZhiChen and JiaHao but also those that are not as responsive.  Visitors are REALLY useful at feeding time since the number of caregivers is less than the needy mouths!

   A special thanks to those that have prayed for, donated to and/or emailed us this month!  It has helped keep our hearts warm even if we still have to wear long johns to keep the rest of us from freezing!  

   We’re starting to make our plans to make our long delayed trek to the States and, for sure, will be in the Austin, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma and Kennebunk, Maine areas if there are possible future supporters we need to meet with in those areas.   As I’ve mentioned in past newsletters, springing the three school boys has been a major increase in our very tight budget with having to pay for the apartment, their food (both of which were free at the orphanage), plus their daily transportation to and from their school in the countryside, etc., etc.  We really need a miracle and fairly soon!  If you know any groups (or individuals, for that matter) that might be interested in hearing our story and who might share our love for handicapped orphans, PLEASE let us know and we will do our best to meet them during our visit!  Please note changes in our Shenyang information below. 

Much love,

Elaine and Migyeong

Our mailing address in China:

Elaine Hennessy

#18-1 XinAnJiangJie, 19 #1-10-2, HuangGuQu

Shenyang, Liaoning 110035 CN

Our US phone number in Shenyang:


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