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May 20, 2009

Dear Friends

Time flies. We can now see greens and flowers. Farmers are already planting rice now. It was very dry during winter but recently we got enough rain and it made the farmers happy. There is a wild rice field at the back of the orphanage. It is a great privilege to see the changes of the seasons through our window at the orphanage. Since Elaine is still in the USA, I, Migyeong, am writing the news letter for our Dream Home.

I am so glad to give you good news about JiaZHi who went to BeiJing for his surgery for spinal bifida and hydrocephalus. He came back with a successful surgery and is recovering now. We were told that his life might be in danger during his surgery. As I brought him home, I heard a song coming from heaven that must have been the angels rejoicing.
Thank you so much for your intercessory pr’er. Your thoughts for our ministry made a difference and we can feel that you are a part of our body in Him. Please, keep pr’ering for JiaZhi’s recovery continually.

Our precious MingGe is with her adopted parents in the USA, as you know, and she is still a princess there. Her family flew to Florida to visit relatives. MingGe was the only one in the swmming pool because she wanted to stay in the pool for the whole night. How nice is it to live with family? We hope someone can adopt our JiaHao, whose half body doesn’t function well, BUT he is able to eat his meal by himself now. He never gives his spoon back to us when we would like to feed him food. Please, remember his adoption in your thoughts. There is nothing impossible in Him.

About WenXi: our short term physical therapist, Leann is very zealous to adopt WenXi. Last March, the president of SY orphanage was able to contact the Director of adoption Agency in Bejing and got a permission for WenXi’s adoption to Leann who is single. But, we need to have permission from the Director of LiaoNing Adoption department. They never allowed adoption to single since the law was changed. So, it takes times. But, we have a very good news that the dierctor of LiaoNing Adoption, is planning to visit WenXi in May. Please, remember this plan that it will never change.

There are 27 youth in Dream Home. We have divided then by groups and are taking them to the Apartment to have the experience of “Life in Society”. Elaine and I are living near by a Night market. Though they open during day time, there are more people in the night. That’s why they call it “Night Market”. It was so wonderful that people would like to share with our youth with what they have. Elaine’s friend who is selling peanuts, seeds and ice cream shared their ice cream and peanuts with our youth. Now, let me talk about “Culture”. There are many ”common Baths” in China. It is a part of life here. And there are workers who scrub to those who pay them. When the scrub lady saw FangYu who has cerebral palsy, she wanted to give a free scrub for FangYu. It was such a wonderful moment. How wonderful our youth are in the society. It is our duty to love our neighbors. This is our one of our goals to encourage people to share their things with other people and give them the challenge to love their neighbor. People can not live by themselves. We are living in the one world with one dream, It is LOVE. We love you too. Thank you for your support and pr’er from the bottom of our hearts.

Migyeong and Elaine





night market

Princess MingGe


Wenxi Jiahao

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