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March 9, 2009

Dear Folks,

It’s not easy to get my head around all that has happened since the last newsletter! I guess I’d better start with “downloading” my memories of our week with the Daley’s, MingGe’s new and excellent family:

I went to the airport with the driver while Migyeong stayed at home with the “sprout” because we feared that our little van wouldn’t be large enough to carry the three of them (Mom, Bro and Dad) along with their luggage. Once there, I found (literarily) their assigned translator who was also there and in a LARGE van! She was carrying a sign with their names on it so she was easy to spot! Once we were all assembled, I was grateful that she and her van were there! We might have been able to stuff everything and everyone in ours but not having to was a blessing.

Once they dropped their things off at their hotel, we proceeded to our apartment and the BIG moment when the family finally meets the kid! I think we were all of mixed emotions as we waited for Migyeong to open the door but all worries was dispelled when the meeting was accompanied with smiles and hugs all around!

The learning process began in earnest later when we learned that a tired MingGe should be avoided if at all possible. Like most of us when we’re way too tired, she gets fussy and when she has to bid Migyeong bye-bye for the night, it is NOT a pretty sight! Fortunately, she is easily distracted by a hot tub of water AND the novelty of a “big” brother!

This was the routine for the rest of the Shenyang part of the trip: necessary things would be done by the family during the day such as completing official papers, visiting the orphanage, etc. and we would meet for dinner, not too late, at night! There was still some separation anxiety but MingGe was really enjoying this new “family” thing. She still wanted Migyeong, “her other Mama” but definitely was warming up to her real folks, Mama, Danelle as well as Dad, John and Bro, Jack. I have to admit that we found ourselves loving them a lot ourselves!

They took off for Beijing, GuangZhou and HongKong on Friday before going on to home in Maine. We are enjoying following their progress on their “blog” www.roadtomingge.blogspot.com. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you follow them, too!

As if this wasn’t enough excitement, I received an email from one of our friends at the Rifton Equipment Company. These are the folks that had endeared themselves several years ago when two of their gatetrainers (“Pacers”) were purchased on ebay without instructions, etc. They kindly provided the information that made them so helpful for kids like DongDong. Well, this email stated that they happened to have a couple of small Pacers that had been returned for cosmetic reasons and that they would like to DONATE them to “Dream Home” (the other two are medium size)! Can you imagine my unbelievable joy upon receiving this news? Later, she added a large one that will fit DongDong! Now, I faced the job of getting them from Tulsa, where they will be shipped initially, to Shenyang! I first checked with the local Korean Air office to see if I could “wear” the large Pacer and have it checked right on the plane! They checked and provided me with a paper saying that I would be travelling with a VERY fancy walker and that I could check it at the gate! Hooray!! I then checked with the corporate office of KA and was told that for a not too large fee I could check them as extra baggage. Now, my dilemma: do I check all three and cheat all my friends out of the photo op of me going through DFW in a Pacer? I think they might just have to get over themselves!

The rest of our lives have been pretty exciting, too. The youth were invited to join in a retreat out in a scenic area that is east of Shenyang in the mountains. They were the guests of a high school church group and had a terrific day praising and worshipping with this group and later eating a fantastic lunch. The day was beautiful and the company was very loving and fun so everybody had a great time.

Our little Wednesday get together swelled to ten people the end of February and the next evening, the outside market family invited us to the birthday party for the Dad. His younger brother, wife and son who had recently relocated to Shenyang came, too, and they volunteered that they might want to go to the “club” on Sundays as well as drop by on Wednesdays! Everything is coming up roses in Shenyang!

Oh yeah: we’re making our annual trek to the States starting March 20. We will be in the L.A. area before going on to Tulsa and eventually Texas. It will be a short trip for Migyeong as she wants to spend some time in Korea on the way back to Shenyang. Her elder brother has had back surgery and she wants to visit him and the rest of her family there.

There’s so much more I could report on but I don’t want this to get too long so I’ll stop. I have loved hearing from those of you that email and truly appreciate the prayer and financial support you bless our efforts with. The plans for the “Dream Home” shop and apartment are coming along as we will share with those we meet in the States. I’ll include it in a future email newsletter for the rest of you! We haven’t heard a report from Beijing on JiaZhe, the little boy that went there for surgery for spina bifida following the close of Spring Festival. Please continue to pray for his successful surgery and safe return to us. Also remember that we need a home for JiaHao who is progressing well physically and exhibiting a very clever mind along with his sunny personality!

We love you all! Elaine and Migyeong


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