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June 26, 2009

Dear Friends

Every Child is different, as is every disabled orphan, but there are common thoughts that they want to be loved by someone and want to be with someone they love. In Dream Home there is a girl called “Wen ru” She is a 5year old girl, and has behavior disorder. She has been in the orphanage since she was a baby.

It was amazing when I saw the picture she was sitting at 2 years old. She refuses to sit now and hits herself unless we restrain her arms. What made her get so angry? We were told that she was loved a lot by her former caregivers until she was 2 years old. But, because of government policy, foster program here, she must have been sent to the countryside. It seems that it didn’t work for Wenru. She couldn’t adjust to the life with a new foster family, and finally she came back to the orphanage with a very different personality. She is with Dream Home now. She may have missed her former caregivers terribly.

It is the first time for Elaine to stay in the USA more than 3 months. Our youth often ask me when Elaine will get back to them. It is very important to miss someone and believe that someone cares for them. I am so glad that our Father promised us“ I will never leave you” Do you believe the promise? “He will never leave you”(Heb13:5)

Now let me talk about our youth. It seems that every year made there was something that made our youth feel bored. In 2007, mouth and hand disease, 2008 BeiJing Olympics, this year Swine flu. Because of these happenings, we are not allowed to take all of youth out of an orphanage at the same time. But, we are able to take them out by a small group just like I wrote the last news letter. Our youth are enjoying the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the city. It is not the orphanage compound, but in the world. There are many apartments, stores, markets, shops, venders and so on. Also our faithful volunteers visit our group home and cook together with our youth and have a meal with them. This totally different environment makes our youth feel special. Just imagine yourself living in the same facility everyday. You might become crazy. Here in China grocery stores are very different from the USA. There are more small stores than big markets. So our youth can go to a small store to buy their ice cream. With very small things they are so happy. “Blessed are the poor in Sprit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven”(Matt 5:3)

We are so blessed by our faithful foreign volunteers too. Sam has been here in 1999 but he still remembers our kids and blesses us. EB, Amber, Salina, Jeff and Wanda, teams from southern university in Maine, team let by Joab from Hong Kong ,they came to us more than once. My nephew, Jin came here in his 10th grade summer vacation and was able to make decision for his future to become a Pediatric Doctor because of the kids in Dream Home. Now he is studying this summer at the University of California Berkley in San Francisco. Leann from Kansas comes to us every year to bless our kids (and us!). Since last November to May, Jennie came to Dream Home twice a week and helped with crafts for the youth. Her husband was sent to Shenyang by his company for 6 months. Jennie wanted to spend her time in a meaningful way while she was in Shenyang. She did it. Besides, she and her husband were wonderful servants of the Lord in foreign fellowship. They remind of me the couple “Priscilla and Aquila”.

A few weeks ago, MingGe called me from Maine with her Mom Danelle. Danelle asked MingGe how much she loves Auntie Migyeong and Elaine. MingGe said that she loves us just like the sky. She invited us to come over to her birthday party. She had been at her cousin Ruby’s birthday party before she called me. I was amazed how well she speaks English. Danelle continually sends us MingGe’s pictures and updates. We really appreciate MingGe’s family.

About Wen Xi’s adoption: unfortunately, the director of adoption didn’t come to SY orphanage in May, The date was changed. He will visit to SY orphanage in Oct. He hasn’t said “Yes” or “No” yet. Please keep pr’ng for Wen Xi and Leann.

We thank you all again. We can not serve our kids and youth without your support. We need your pr—s and monthly support or one time gift. It will make a difference for each of their lives. They are growing everyday physically and spiritually by your pr--- and support. We love you all and appreciate your care for us. God bless you.

Migyeong and Elaine


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